Kicking off – Football, Bloody Hell

Over the course of the next season and hopefully many more, us three lads (and whoever else we can drag along) will be bringing you a weekly podcast, taking in all of the major issues surrounding the Premier League. Think of it as a sort of therapy for a handful of chaps in their mid-late 20s who have been brow beaten by years of disappointment and frustration courtesy of their respective teams. This collection of bitter, yet strangely addictive experiences over the years have been instrumental in the naming of the podcast, echoing the immortal words of Alex Ferguson, ‘Football, bloody hell’.

We’ve all felt the exasperation, ecstasy and helplessness that these words conjure for fans up and down the country, the only difference being, we haven’t uttered the phrase after winning the Champions League final; 1-0 to Sir Alex.

Truth be told, you will be met with a healthy amount of cynicism on these pages and through the podcast, a cynicism of the like that only a multi-billion pound industry can provoke. We will hanker for the old days when a newly promoted team could feasibly challenge for the title within two years (alright, I’ll give you Leicester) and goal music and cardboard clappers were not even a twinkle in the eye of the most cretinous marketing manager. Every now and then however, we will break free from the shackles of the ‘In my day’ rhetoric and analyse and appreciate the quality of football we are now treated to on an almost daily basis. This is because, despite all of our ramblings and wistful glances back to the past, we still love the game we watch every weekend and live through every week. We’re looking forward to sharing this joy and disgust with you on a weekly basis, however hazardous this may be for our emotional wellbeing. It’s a complicated conundrum but we’ll find a way through it. Football, bloody hell.

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